It's Your Choice!

Whether you want to donate to our programs and services or support a specific campaign, the choice is yours. 

General Funding

At The Teresa Group we understand the diverse and specific needs of our clients. An unrestricted donation allows us the flexibility to apply your funds where they are needed the most. Our Programs and Services  pages will give you more information about what we do and how we make an impact in the lives of children and families affected by HIV and AIDS.

Support the General Fund 

Send a Kid to Camp Campaign

Remember the fun you had at summer camp? What it was like to be out of the city near a lake- swimming, canoeing and stargazing with the crackle of the campfire in the background? Camp was where you made new friends. Maybe you gained new skills and experience as a counsellor. 

Many children living in the city don't ever get that opportunity. The Teresa Group runs a one week wilderness camp each year. Camp is magical for children. Donate now to be part of the magic! 

Support the Camp Fund

Holiday Gift Program 

The holidays can be hard for families who don't have enough money for a special meal or to buy their children gifts. The Teresa Group makes the holidays a special time with a family celebration party as well as a children's gift program. Help us support families to bring fun and delight to their children. 

Support the Holiday Fund