Job Posting:

Camp Director for Camp Mandala (Seasonal Short-term- August 12-16, 2024)

About the Organization:

The Teresa Group advances the dignity and well-being of children and families affected by HIV and AIDS. As one of the few organizations in North America – and the only organization in Ontario – providing HIV support focused on children and families, we have built a solid reputation over the last 34 years offering a broad and comprehensive range of care and support programs for approximately 1000 children of all ages in the GTA and across Ontario.

Job Overview:

The Teresa Group is seeking a Camp Director for August 12- 16, 2024 to oversee and manage the week-long event at Mooreland’s Camp in Dorset Ontario. Our innovative and engaging wilderness camp program gives children and youth living with or affected by HIV an opportunity to connect with their peers and gain life learning, mental health support and tools to live with their unique and complex challenges.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Consulting with stakeholders to determine camp requirements.
  • Developing a camp curriculum with level-appropriate leisure and recreational activities.
  • Planning daily camp activities and creating activity schedules.
  • Plans, leads, and implements camp programs for children.
  • Presenting camp information to prospective clients, when required.
  • Overseeing camp employees, accommodations, and meals, as well as ensuring the wellbeing of campers.
  • Modifying activities for campers with special needs.
  • Ensuring safe practices and a healthy camp environment.
  • Keeping records and documenting processes.
  • In-camp responsibilities will consist of opening or closing camp, leading daily operational tasks, interacting with clients, and managing on-duty employees.
  • Experience working with Children living with HIV is an asset but nor a requirement.
  • Demonstrable experience as a camp director managing similarly structured camps.
  • Oversee camp employees, as well as ensuring the campers’ wellbeing.
  • Extensive experience in working with children, as well as arranging camp accommodations, meals, supplies, and equipment.
  • In-depth knowledge of activity-related safety regulations, as well as health and sanitation requirements.
  • Ability to document processes and perform recordkeeping.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


  • Enjoys being in the company of children.
  • Previous experience in a camp counsellor/Director Role- minimum 2 years
  • Experience with childhood development & Behaviour.
  • Leadership abilities
  • Alertness
  • Good communication skills
  • Patience
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Good Time-Management and prioritization
  • Caring Personality
  • Good Organizational Skills
  • Ability to perform a variety of tasks outside in various climate conditions.
  • Basic First Aid

All resumes can be sent to Claudia Medina, Program Manager at [email protected]

Deadline to apply is May 31, 2024

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•Desire and ability to work with children and youth in the outdoors. Prior experience working with children and youth.

•Have no hesitations about working with children/youth living with or affected by HIV.

•Ability to relate to one’s peer group and work well with people from diverse backgrounds.

•Ability to assist in teaching an activity.

•A positive role model for children and peers.

•Possess enthusiasm, patience, and a high degree of self-control.

•A high school graduate or equivalent and no less than 18 years of age.

•Emotional stability to endure stressful situations and calmly resolve conflict.

Essential Functions:

Ability to work with and communicate with children/youth from diverse backgrounds.

•Ability to provide necessary guidance and support to campers and peers.

Ability to observe camper behaviour and assess appropriateness, implement suitable behaviour

  •Ability to enforce safety regulations and emergency procedures. 

•Ability to be flexible and to respond and adapt to a fast-paced, changing environment.

Visual and auditory ability to identify and immediately respond to environmental and other hazards.

•Ability to lift 25 pounds without assistance.

•Possess strength and endurance, physical and mental, to maintain constant supervision of campers for 6 days and 5 nights, around the clock while at residential camp.       

•Capacity to deal with highly stressful (physically and emotionally) situations with composure.

Major Responsibilities:

•Maintain health and safety of all campers. 

•Work closely with co-counsellors to identify and meet camper needs.

•Create group unity and provide opportunities for each camper to experience success.

•Help each camper meet the camp goals, including but not limited to, increased self-esteem.

•Provide guidance and encouragement for camper participation in activities.

•Aid in the supervision of activity areas.

•Communicate openly with staff to ensure effective resolution of conflicts.

•Participate actively in meetings, training, and supervisory conferences.

•Adhere to all the camp’s policies and regulations.

•Be a positive role model who sets a good example for campers and peers.


•Personal growth and satisfaction.

•Developing sustained friendships with people from diverse backgrounds who share a common   goal of wanting to make a positive impact on the lives of children/youth living with or affected by HIV.

•Receive consistent direction, support, supervision, and training from professional staff.

•Enhance interpersonal communication and leadership skills.

•Reference letter and volunteer credits from an esteemed charity.

•Vulnerable Sector Check, CPR Level C + First Aid required

•Covid 19 vaccinations required

•Complete pre-camp Covid 19 screening including Rapid test (to be provided)

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The Teresa Group Stands Against Anti-Asian Racism

Anti-Asian racism and hate has been on the rise in the past year. The tragedy in Atlanta paired with many smaller but no less devastating attacks on the Asian and Pacific Islander communities are the result of a growing, but not new, rhetoric of hate and discrimination. We must not silently stand by. 

We all must take time for self-reflection and self-awareness, and if we are a part of the problem, endeavour to change it. Words are not enough, we must take action to actively be a part of the solution. 

The Teresa Group wants to be a part of the solution, not the problem. We will hold ourselves accountable, and ask you to do the same. 

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Ontario’s HIV sector stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter to resist anti-Black racism and anti-Black violence.


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