Since the inception of The Teresa Group in 1990, the Volunteer Program has brought together a dedicated group of trained volunteers who assist children and their families through a variety of programs and services.

TTG Summer Camp Needs Volunteer Counsellors!

Are you passionate about working with kids and spending time outdoors? TTG Summer Camp 2023(Exact date TBD) might be for you! Review the job description below and complete an application online. Successful candidates will be invited for a virtual interview with a member of the team.

Minimum qualifications:

•Desire and ability to work with children and youth in the outdoors. Prior experience working with 

  children and youth.

•Have no hesitations about working with children/youth living with or affected by HIV.

•Ability to relate to one’s peer group and work well with people from diverse backgrounds.

•Ability to accept supervision, guidance, and constructive feedback.

•Ability to assist in teaching an activity.

•A positive role model for children and peers (exemplary character, good judgment, approachable, etc.).

•Possess enthusiasm, patience, and a high degree of self-control.

•A high school graduate or equivalent and no less than 18 years of age.

•Emotional stability to endure stressful situations and calmly resolve conflict.

•Vulnerable Sector Check, CPR Level C + First Aid required

•Covid 19 vaccinations required 

•Complete pre-camp Covid 19 screening including Rapid test (to be provided)

Essential Functions:

•Ability to work with and communicate with children/youth from diverse backgrounds.

•Ability to provide necessary guidance and support to campers and peers.

•Ability to observe camper behaviour and assess appropriateness, implement suitable behaviour

  management techniques, and enforce safety regulations and emergency procedures. 

•Ability to be flexible and to respond and adapt to a fast-paced, changing environment.

•Visual and auditory ability to identify and immediately respond to environmental and other hazards.

•Ability to lift 25 pounds without assistance.

•Physical endurance to run ¼ mile.

•Possess strength and endurance, physical and mental, to maintain constant supervision of campers for     

  6 days and 5 nights, around the clock while at residential camp.       

•Capacity to deal with highly stressful (physically and emotionally) situations with composure.

Major Responsibilities:

•Maintain health and safety of all campers. 

•Attend 1 day of training in 2023 (Exact date TBD)

•Work closely with co-counsellors to identify and meet camper needs.

•Create group unity and provide opportunities for each camper to experience success.

•Help each camper meet the camp goals, including but not limited to, increased self-esteem.

•Provide guidance and encouragement for camper participation in activities.

•Aid in the supervision of activity areas.

•Communicate openly with staff to ensure effective resolution of conflicts.

•Participate actively in meetings, training, and supervisory conferences.

•Adhere to all of the camp’s policies and regulations.

•Be a positive role model who sets a good example for campers and peers.


•Personal growth and satisfaction.

•Developing sustained friendships with people from diverse backgrounds who share a common goal of wanting to make a positive impact on the lives of children/youth living with or affected by HIV.

•Receive consistent direction, support, supervision, and training from professional staff.

•Enhance interpersonal communication and leadership skills.

Reference letter and volunteer credits from an esteemed charity.

In this passionate and moving video, The Teresa Group volunteers talk about what inspires them and keeps them motivated.

We look forward to welcoming back our incredible team of volunteers.

For further information about volunteering in the future with The Teresa Group please contact us at:

T: 416-596-7703
F: 416 596-7910
E: [email protected]

Vulnerable Sector Police reference check is required for all volunteer positions.