Groups for parents and children

The Teresa Group holds various support groups for children and families which provide a continuum of care. These are:

Prenatal Group

Prenatal Group focuses on issues specific to HIV and pregnancy. Specialists from other community agencies and hospitals work with The Teresa Group to present the information.

New Mom’s Group

New Mom’s Group provides a safe place for moms to connect with others who have a baby and who also live with HIV. The activities are designed to engage, teach and stimulate as new moms and their babies get to know one another in their first year together. Many topics are covered including nutrition, and age and stage of development, and there is always time for songs and stories. This group helps reduce the isolation many new mothers experience. 

Parents Group

Parents have an opportunity to meet and learn parenting skills from each other.

Leading the Way

“Leading the Way” is a support group for children and youth living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. The groups are available to children/youth ages 5 – 18 and run for nine weeks each spring and fall. Children/youth have the chance to meet others in similar situations in a fun, safe and supportive environment.

Click beloew to read an article on the Leading the Way program: “Beneath the Mask: A Group Therapy Model Supporting Children Infected With and Affected by HIV/AIDS” by Simone Shindler and Mary Tangelder


The Teresa Group gratefully acknowledges the financial support of The Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO which allowed us to conduct an evaluation for the Leading the Way Program for children and youth affected by HIV and AIDS. View the summary report below.



Individual or family counselling is available for children, youth and adults who feel they need support and to talk to someone. In-depth counselling, crisis management and ongoing support are offered, depending on the needs of the person/family.