Summer Camp and Activities

Summer Camp

The Teresa Group offers a summer camp experience for children between the ages of 9 and 18 from the Greater Toronto Area.

This one-week program allows local children and youth who are affected by HIV a chance to connect with their peers.  They will have opportunities to build support, learn life skills that will empower them to live self-sufficient, independent, productive lives, and most importantly, have fun!


Read the 2023 Camp Mandala Evaluation Report

Here ‘s what campers told us about their experience at summer camp:

  • “Being respectful, listening… helping, and [to] be fair.” (Boy; age 10)
  • “I have been more active in participating in sports.” (Girl; age 9)
  • “I have learned that everyone has feelings and everyone hates being left out. I have also learned to treat everyone the same.” (Girl, age 13)
  • “I felt really good when I told my story at the open stage and after… everyone was saying ‘good story’ and high-fiving me.” (Boy; age 11)