Disclosure Experinces

 How Do I Tell My Kids – Audio Discussion

In this audio discussion, 4 parents from TTG families are interviewed and they discuss their personal experiences around disclosing their HIV status to their children and grandchildren. 

The purpose of the project is to provide helpful insight to parents who have not yet disclosed to their family and are curious to know how to initiate the dialogue of disclosure with their kids. In the audio, you will hear about when parents decided to disclose, the reactions they experienced, personal advice and much more.

The discussion is hosted by TTG staff member, Josianne, and with the support from the OHTN multimedia specialist, Guy McLoughlin.

To help reduce HIV stigma, conversations around disclosure need to happen and are a part of reducing stigma by starting these discussions in the family home. The Teresa Group is honoured to be a part of this process and hopes that this resource will be of service.

How do I Tell my Kids Booklet

This booklet is for adults who are thinking about telling their children that someone in the family is living with HIV.


Un guide sur le dévoilement du VIH au sein de la famille

Une version française ci-dessous.